Website TODO list

This TODO list is intentionally made public. It summarizes future site features and blog posts ideas. For each feature I plan to write a separate tutorial, covering the topics I’ve learned and obstacles that I had to overcome. Ideally, these tutorials will cover more advanced topics and provide some insights that I wish were more available during my learning journey.

Site features:

  • Google analytics
  • post tag search and filtering
  • calendar for consultations
  • proper RSS feed
  • subscribe to email button
  • related posts instead of latest ones after each post

Content ideas:

  • CV in html / PDF format via R
  • ClinRTools demo announcement
  • ClinRTools development roadmap
  • series about contracting experience
  • personal canban
  • competency based approach to trainings
  • Shiny as a web development tool
  • useful R / SAS / Statistics books


June 2021

  • image attribution
  • parallax effect in posts
  • robots.txt
  • sitemap.xml
  • meta for social pages sharing
  • tweak feedback form to provide custom page title

Earlier in 2021

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Here are some other posts:

Updates in June 2021
Updates in June 2021

Image attribution, parallax effect in blog posts, meta tags for social pages

2021-07-07 · 6 mins

A truly static blogdown website
A truly static blogdown website

How to create and deploy a custom static Hugo site with blogdown R package.

2021-05-30 · 8 mins

Moving to Hugo
Moving to Hugo

Finally got some free time to learn blogdown package. Here is a story of converting my website from Wordpress to Hugo.

2021-05-29 · 2 mins