During the last few years, I have conducted multiple SAS programming and Statistical training sessions. Lecture materials are refined for an audience with a different level of programming and/or statistical proficiency. It is possible to order standard lectures, or I can create a tailored program based on your company’s needs including custom datasets and branded slides. Here are some topics that I have covered so far:

SAS training

  • General concepts of SAS language
  • Data step and PDV
  • Data wrangling using retain statement vs. proc transpose vs. proc SQL
  • Simple procedures for descriptive statistics: proc freq, means, univariate
  • Normality checks and preparation of raw data for statistical testing
  • Parametric and non-parametric statistical test
  • Data reporting using proc report
  • Creating Figures in SAS
  • Introduction to SAS/MACRO language
  • …and other topics

Biostatistical training

  • Training sessions for university graduates with a strong focus on applied statistics, regulatory aspects and clinical trial industry overview
  • Introduction to Clinical Trials industry and Biostatistics
  • Types and Phases of Clinical Trials
  • Regulatory bodies, local and international standards
  • Role of Biostatistician in Clinical Trial, responsibilities and skills
  • Methods of applied statistics, selection of correct testing procedures
  • Adaptive design
  • Practical sessions

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